2 - Common

This is one of the most important section when creating your campaign.

In this section:

  • you define your targeted URLs (which money site URL links you want the campaign to target),

  • you select an account template

  • you enter keywords (what type and percentage amount for each keyword type)

Let's start first by selecting an Account Template which is required. For this guide we have created our own Account Template named "my first template" which uses our own Gmails.

Account Templates are used to tell SEO Neo which mails the software will use for this campaign, and how user names will be created. More info on Account Templates.

Entering Money Site URLs

Let's start by pasting all URLs what we want to target. For this tutorial we will use non existent URLs for an imaginary website that is supposed to sell cars, but feel free to choose your own. In case you have multiple URLs, you must enter one URL per line.

Setting your Keyword Strategy

Every time you create a campaign you need to set your keyword strategy. Setting your keyword strategy is very important and its based on your targeted URL niche and your link profile.

There are two main sections for setting-up keywords: Tier 1 Keywords and Tier 2+ Keywords.

Both sections look almost identical (except from some minor differences on available keyword types) and serve the same purpose: keywords and keyword percentage for each keyword type you want to use for your campaign.

Tier 2+ Keywords section is available for diagrams that have more than one tier of link groups.

For this guide we assume that our main keywords are:

car sales car rental car reviews

For this tutorial we will use 3 different keyword categories:

  • Primary keywords

  • Generic keywords

  • Partial match keywords

For Primary Keywords we will use our three keywords (car sales, car rental, car reviews). For Generic Keywords we will use the default values from SEO Neo. Finally, Partial match keywords are generated from the software, based on Primary Keywords.

For each keyword type you want to use, you need to enable the keyword category from the checkbox and set a keyword percentage. Keyword percentage is how much keywords will be used (in % percentage) for each keyword category.

For our example tutorial, we will enable: Primary, Generic and Partial match keyword categories. Because our diagram also has Tier2 groups. We will also enable the same categories for Tier 2+.

Setting Primary Keywords

We set Primary Keywords.

Setting Generic Keywords

For Generic Keyword we can use SEO Neo's default values. To set default values:

Click "D" button, located next to Generic Keywords category.

Setting Partial Match Keywords

To generate Partial Match Keywords:

Click on "G" button.

Select preferred for your keywords.

SEO Neo generates Partial Match Keywords based on Primary Keywords. At least one Primary Keyword is required in order for SEO Neo to automatically generate Partial Match Keywords.

Setting keyword percentage

After setting your keywords, it's time to set keyword percentage. This defines how many keywords (based on total percentage) will be used from each keyword category.

Keywords and keyword percentages is a big part of your SEO strategy. Each campaign required different settings according to your SEO campaign strategy.

For this example we will set these values for each category:

  • Primary Keywords: 50%

  • Generic Keywords: 20%

  • Partial Match Keywords: 30%

We will set the same values for for Tier 1 and Tier 2+ keyword categories.

Because keyword percentage values are based on % the sum of all keyword values for must be 100.

In our example below, we set keyword percentage values that sum up to 90:

If the sum of values is less or more than 100, SEO Neo will raise validation warning and will ask you, if you want the software to automatically fix values for you.

If you agree, click "Yes" button and SEO Neo will fix all your values and make them sum to 100%. SEO Neo does based on weight values, so all values are adjusted to sum to 100 based on their value proportionally to the rest of values.

Keywords Strategy Feature

Another handy feature of SEO Neo is Keywords Strategy. This feature sets all keyword percentage values for you based on two criteria (site age, 12-workflow current value). With Keywords Strategy you can set all your keyword values easily and extremely fast. To access this, click on "Keywords Strategy" button. Click here for more info on this feature.

Setting Keyword format

Although we can move to the next section/step we can make some additional adjustments for our keywords. Except from keywords and percentages, we can set keyword format.

We can set how many keyword we want to be in Bold or Italic format. We can set values for each format for Tier 1 and Tier 2+ keyword separately.

In our example we will set Bold = 50% and Italic 30%. This means that there is a chance 50% for keywords to be in Bold format and 30% chance to be in Italic format.

There are additional / optional settings we can set for our keyword strategy for for now, we will proceed into the next step / section.

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