Adding Proxies

Here the user enter and test his proxies that SEO Neo uses on campaigns.

This menu can be found:

1) Go to Settings (main side menu)

2) Click on "Proxies" tab

First you need to enable "Use Proxies" checkbox option.

The user can add his proxies inside the text box. Proxies must be added one per line.

It is wise for the user to check his proxies before saving or using them on a campaign.

Proxies Format

Proxies usually come in two different formats:

  1. [proxy_ip] : [proxy_port]

  2. [proxy_ip] : [proxy_port] : [username] : [password]

SEO Neo supports both types. Just keep in mind to use the correct format (using colon symbol) and enter one proxy per line.

Testing Proxies

To check user proxies, click on "Test Proxies" button and let SEO Neo test if proxies are working.

When using "Test Proxies", SEO Neo will ask you if you want non-working proxies to get removed after testing. Select "Yes" if you want non working-proxies to be removed after test.

Using good quality proxies is very important to achieve high success rates on your campaigns. Proxy speed is recommended to be more than 3 Mbp\s (especially when campaign runs heavy-content websites like Web 2.0).

Recommended Proxies Provider:

Another thing to consider when choosing proxies, is to use proxies that are as close as possible to your region - either your computer or your server (wherever you are using SEO Neo).

When using rotating mobile proxies, you need to have "automatic IP reset" disabled. Most rotating mobile proxy providers, have this option enabled by default, so you need to disabled it, before using them on your campaigns.

If you have "automatic IP reset" disabled, you need to reset your proxies manually. It is recommended to reset your proxy IP every time you run a campaign in order to get new fresh IPs.

You can also watch our video tutorial below:

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