Campaign Linking

Campaign linking is a feature that allows you to automate campaigns and schedule them to start when another another campaign finishes. This advance scheduling mechanism, helps you speed up your process of automating multiple campaigns and create long drip-feed strategies.

Understanding Campaign Linking - Terms

In the image below we see a basic campaign linking example, to explain some terms.

  • When there are multiple campaign linked together, the whole link schematic is called "link chain".

  • When two campaigns are linked together, the top-tier campaign is called "parent" and the lower-tier is called a "child". In the image above, campaign A is the parent of campaign B and campaign B is the parent of campaign C.

  • The first campaign in the chain is called "root parent".

Each campaign in the chain can only be linked with one parent and one child. A campaign cannot have multiple parents or multiple children.

Understanding Campaign Linking - Flow

Below is a real example of linked campaigns created inside SEO Neo:

Each campaign can be linked with another campaign. In this example Campaign A is linked with Campaign B and campaign B is linked with Campaign C. Campaign A is called "root parent" as it is the master (first) parent of the whole link chain.

When you create a link chain you set the order you want the campaign to start. When the first campaign in the chain completes (stops running), it starts the second campaign in the chain. The process continues until all campaigns in the chain completes.

To link a campaign with another campaign, you can select the campaign to link with in "Settings" step when you create or edit a campaign.

You can find "Link Campaign" in Posting Options. From there you can select Instant post, Posts per day, Days to run or Link Campaign.

Select Link Campaign and then select a parent campaign for you current campaign using the drop-down menu on the right.

In this example we are editing Campaign C and we want to link it with Campaign B. Inside Campaign C, we select Campaign B (the parent) to create our link.

You can only select campaigns that are not currently running and don't have any other child. Example: you can't link another campaign with Campaign B, because Campaign B is already linked with Campaign A and Campaign C. However you could link a new campaign with Campaign C.

Another way to link campaigns, is to use Quick Edit. This way you can links your campaigns faster without navigating all campaign creation steps 1-4.

In this example we have 3 campaigns: Campaign A and Campaign B which are already linked together. Let's assume we want to create a link chain: Campaign A <- Campaign B <- Campaign C

We need to link Campaign C with Campaign B. We can use "Quick Edit" from hover buttons to quickly edit Campaign C.

Selected "Link campaign", select the parent campaign you want to link current campaign with (select parent campaign). In this case we've selected Campaign B. Click 'Save" to save your changes.

Now Campaign C is linked with Campaign B and we have finished our link chain.

On our example we have created a chain with three campaigns: Campaign A, Campaign B and Campaign C. When you start the first campaign in the campaign the order of campaign running will be as follows: Campaign A -> Campaign B -> Campaign C.

Breaking Chain

At any time you can use Edit or Quick Edit to remove a campaign from a chain. Keep in mind that breaking a chain will respect the order of the chain. In our example, if we remove Campaign C from the chain, then we will have: a chain (Campaign A -> Campaign B) and a single campaign Campaign C.

If we removed Campaign B from the chain, we would break the chain (because we only have three campaigns in our chain). This would make all campaigns unchained.

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