🔍Software Overview

Main sections

There are three different main sections on SEO Neo. The main menu where the user can navigate between software sections/screens. On the image below, main menu is located on the left section of the software. This can change from software settings. The account menu, where you can find information find important links, login/logout from your account and export Debug info to get better support. On screen center you can see software screen. This is where all the magic happens!

On the left side of the software (default settings) you can find the main menu of SEO Neo. From this menu you can navigate between all main sections. If you ever find yourself lost within a section you can always use main toolbar to go back on any main section.

You can also collapse side menu by clicking the top-right arrow button as shown on image below.

You can also change main menu position and move it to the top section from settings. Settings > Visual Settings > Layout

Account menu

This menu is located on the top-right of the software within SEO Neo logo. From this menu the user can visit SEO Neo's website, open documentation and check his membership. From account menu you can also export Debug Report.

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