Article Builder

SEO Neo has a built-in free Article Builder which includes thousands of different articles in different categories.

Article builder comes preloaded with thousands of articles in different categories and sub-categories. For example, you can have fetch articles for "Finance" category and select sub-category for "Insurance", "Leasing", "Loans" etc.

Article categories gives the user the flexibility to add niche-relevant content on their buckets according to his campaign needs.

SEO advice: it is highly recommended to keep your campaign content niche-relevant for better SEO results. If for example your target website (money site) is a webpage about "car rentals" and your keywords for example are "car rentals", then your content must be relevant (articles and content about cars).

You can even select the number of words (Word Count) to generate articles within a specific word count range (available options: 500, 750, 1000 words).

To generate articles, just select different options and then click "Generate" button.

Time for generating articles may differ when using different settings. For example if you select a big number of articles with spin and translation it may take longer time.

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