How do I transfer my SEO AP Accounts?

Export Account Presets from SEO Autopilot

On SEO Autopilot, we have implemented export accounts function for SEO Neo.

Open SEO Autopilot

Open Account Profiles

Select account presents you want to export accounts from. You can select multiple account presets using Ctrl or Shift button.

Click on "Export Accounts for SEO Neo" button

Enter location and filename for your exported account file. SEO Autopilot will show you a message with how many accounts have been exported.

Import Accounts from SEO Autopilot to SEO Neo

Open SEO Neo

Navigate: Accounts from main menu> Account Buckets

Click on "Import" button. This will open File Open dialog. Locate your exported accounts file (from SEO Autopilot) and SEO Neo will import and convert all accounts.

After import process finishes, a new bucket will be created inside your current folder (in this case the bucket is created inside "real estate" folder). The default bucket name is "SEO Autopilot Accounts". You can always change the name later if you want.

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