Is SEO Neo safe?

Safety Mechanism 1 : Using real browser

Our SEO software is 100% Google safe! One of the main differences from our competitors is the usage of REAL Chrome Browser and advanced algorithms and leaves no footprints on Google!

SEO Neo advanced account protection feature and posting algorithm ensure that the created accounts will stay active for a long long time!

Safety Mechanism 2 : Account protection

SEO Neo also binds your accounts with specific proxies, therefore, you avoid getting banned and your accounts stay in good standing and they are active for a really long period of time if not "forever"…!

Safety Mechanism 3 : Real Duplicate Protection Algorithm

SEO Neo uses Real Duplicate Protection Algorithm (RDPA) that ensure unique keywords and links in each article.

Our competitors post the same keywords and/or URLs in an article which is "spam" on Google’s eyes, SEO Neo RDP Algorithm ensures that each Article will have Unique keywords and URL’s!

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