1 - Diagram

This is where you choose your campaign diagram.

On the left side you will find different diagrams for you campaign. This list includes built-in SEO Neo diagrams and all diagrams you have created using Diagram Editor.

When you select different diagrams you will see that "Referring Domains" value changes. This is value is the number of different referring domains that you will get backlinks from, if you select this diagram for your campaign.

Based on your diagram (number of groups, type of groups and tiers) the next sections/parts will be effected. For example a diagram with a single Web 2.0 group will require less user input than a diagram with many groups and tiers.

On this screen you can also enable "Hide siblings groups" option.

This option makes sibling groups (groups that appear as a single instance, but are multiple instances of the same group type) to act as a single group. For example, in the image below, although you can only see one instance of Social Bookmarking, there are in fact two instances of this group. If you enable "Hide sibling groups" you will edit those two groups as single one, to make the whole process faster and easier. If you prefer to edit both instances, you will need to keep the toggle button disabled.

You can read more about sibling groups and how to use this powerful feature, on this section of our documentation.

When you finish your selection click "Next" button to move on the next section.

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