Debug Report

When you open a ticket for a technical issue or for reporting a bug, it is recommended to also include a debug report.

Including debug report on your tickets improves support workflow and gets you better and faster solutions for your issue.

Debug report contains all technical information derived from your installation and it's very useful for technical support team in order to investigate your issue.

How to create debug report

Before creating a debug report it is highly recommended to stop/pause any running campaign to prevent any corruptions or false data in debug report.

To generate debug report:

Click on Account menu (on the top right)

Click on "Export Debug Report" option from menu.

An pop-up window will appear with a description and a warning (to stop/pause running campaigns before debug report export).

Click on "Export" button and select the file and location to save debug report.

You are now ready to include this debug report on your tickets.

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