Sibling Groups

On first step on campaign creation (Diagram selection screen) you will find the option "Hide sibling groups" with a toggle button. Although this toggle button seems small, it is indeed a very powerful feature of SEO Neo. So what this button/option really do?

Understanding Siblings

SEO Neo offers an intuitive diagram system, where group instances are related with the number of parents links. This means that a link group that have two different parents (on the image above Social Bookmarking has two PDF Upload parents) is not a single instance but two different instances.

This diagram system although might seem a little bit confusing to understand, it makes the creation of huge and complex diagrams much faster and easier.

Its All About Parents

Let's examine the diagram again to understand how links between groups effect the real number of instances.

In the diagram below, Social Bookmarking group has two different parent. It is linked with two different PDF Upload groups. Although you can only see one Social Bookmarking on the diagram, there are two different instances. This is because Social Bookmarking group is linked with two different parents.

If we could see how SEO Neo functions under the hood, we would see that there are two different Social Bookmarking instances. Something like the image below:

Hide Sibling Groups

"Hide sibling groups" option as the name suggests, hides sibling groups when you create your campaign. This makes campaign creation much faster and easier.

SEO Neo keeps "Hide sibling groups" toggle button disabled by default. When this button is disabled, sibling groups will not be hidden when you create your campaign and you will have to edit each individual group. If on the other hand, you enable this option, you will edit sibling groups as if they were only one. All settings and content from one group will also be used on sibling groups.

Let's see how this option effects campaign creation. We will first create a campaign using the diagram above, and we will keep the default option (Hide sibling groups disabled).

When we reach Groups section on campaign creation, we see that there are two different Social Bookmarking instances.

If we go back and enable "Hide sibling groups" and try again, we will see that these two instances got "merged" into a single instance.

With this option enabled, you can set all group settings only once, and they will be applied on for all sibling groups.

This powerful option/feature gives you the flexibility to decide when you need to set each individual sibling or edit them as if they were a single instance.

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