3 - Groups

On this section of campaign creation you set all details (content, number of links, account bucket etc) for each link group separately.

On the left side of the screen (1) you can select different filter options to show/hide link groups.

On the right side of the screen (2) you set each group settings.

Group Filters

Group filter help you filter group types according to different criteria. This helps the screen to remain "clear" and less overwhelming.

There are three different filter types:

  • Per Tier View : filters groups according to their tier level (more info on diagram tiers)

  • Per Group Type View: filters groups according to link group type (more info on group types)

  • Groups With Validation Errors: show only groups with errors while the user sets group data.

To better understand each group filters, we will show you the selected diagram used on this example:


Setting Group Details

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