Link group types

A diagram can include many links groups but also many different link group types.

SEO Neo supports hundreds of different websites that it can post. It would be difficult to have all websites in one group type because each group type is for different website type.

For example Web 2.0 Blogs group type, includes all web 2.0 websites (sites that support rich content, like images, video URLs, embed coded etc.)

Another group type is URL Shortener, which takes links and creates short URL format for these links.

Most diagrams consist of different link groups and different

There are different link group types because there are different types of tasks. For example, Web 2.0 link groups create a blog post, a PDF Upload post a PDF, a URL Shortener creates a short URL etc...

Below is the list for all supported link group types SEO Neo supports:

Link Group Types

Web 2.0 Blogs

Authority Links

Web 2.0 Profiles

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking HQ


Cloud Blogs (NEW)

Profile Links

PDF Upload

URL Shorteners

Self Hosted Wordpress (NEW)

Blog Comments (NEW)

Each link group types uses different content from content buckets. Mixing different group types together in different layers can make your link profile feel "more natural" to search engines.

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