Diagram Editor - Controls

Basic Diagram Editor controls

On the lower right corner of diagram editor you can find a toolbar with some basic tools to help you when you are creating/editing your diagram.

Here is a small description of each tool functionality:

Tool / ButtonDescription

Zoom in / zoom out

diagram zoom

Fit view

automatically fits whole diagram on screen to fit whole view

Lock \ Unlock diagram

You can toggle diagram lock on/off. When you turn off lock, you cannot move any nodes or connection on diagram

Align Horizontally \ Vertically

You can select multiple link groups together and align selected groups in horizontal or vertical arrangement.


Duplicate selected groups including their conenctions.


deletes selected group nodes or selected connections (same as "delete" / "backspace" keys)


You can select select a group or a connection by clicking on them.

When you select a group, it will get highlighted as shown below.

When you select a connection it will get a dash-line highlight effect.

You can also select multiple groups using Ctrl (Windows) / Command (Mac) to move or delete them.

Deleting groups & connections

To delete a group or a connection, select either a group or a connection and press "delete" or "backspace" on keyboard or use "delete" tool from toolbar.

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