Oracle - setup (under construction)

Oracle API Settings

Required credentials:

  • Key

  • Namespace

  • Secret Key

  • Region

How to set "Key"

For you secret key go at your profile tab-> My Profile -> Customer secret keys and generate a new secret key, which you copy(before closing the tab) and place it in SEO Neo's "secret key" field.

How to set "Secret key"

After the generation of your key, hover above "Access Key" field and copy your respective API key, which you should place in SEO Neo's "key" field.

How to set "Namespace"

For the namespace you have to go your profile tab-> Tenacy and there you can find an "Object storage namespace" field.

How to set "Region"

For the region you just have to click on your account's regions, click on manage region and copy the "Region Identifier".

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