Managing emails

As we mentioned on the previous section, an account template is like a preset where you keep all details on which information SEO Neo will use in order to create an account. In order for the software to create an account it needs valid emails and a template to generate usernames and passwords. In this section we will explain how you can manage emails for each account template.

Add email

You can add or import your own emails or you can even use default built-in email. Built-in emails contains several emails that our team maintains and renews often in order to keep it as "fresh" as possible. This is the free option for a user who doesn't have his own mail but using your own emails gives better results.

It is preferred to use Gmails (multiple emails if possible) for better success rate.

When you add a Gmail and fill its credentials (username and password) the password you have to use is the "App Password". For more information on how to use App Password you can view this page.

To add your email:

1) Click on "Create" button on email section.

2) Fill all required email information on the pop-up window and click "Create Email" to save your email.

You will need to fill all required information before clicking "Create Email" as shown in the example below.

If you use Gmail, for password you will need to use "APP Password".

Edit email

You can edit your email details by clicking "Edit". You can edit all email credentials as the user is prompted with the same window form as "create email".

If you edit your account template or email when it is used by a running campaign, this will take effect when this template is used on a new campaign. Changes don't take effect in real time when a campaign runs.

Delete email

To delete an email hover over an email and click "Delete" hover button, or you can select (checkbox) multiple emails and click burger button to delete multiple emails at once.

Test email

You can test emails that you've added on your your template by clicking "Test" from hover buttons, or you can select multiple emails with checkbox and then click "Test" from hamburger menu.

Test process is testing if the email is valid (using email credentials) it cannot test if the mail is banned or best fit for your campaign.

You can also watch our video tutorial on how to use Gmails on your account templates:

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