☁️Cloud Blogs

What is a Cloud Blog

SEO Neo offers a huge variety of backlinks from different sources. Except from high-domain authority websites, SEO Neo also supports cloud-based properties like Cloud Blogs. This gives the ability the user to include cloud-staking strategies to boost his rankings.

You can generate cloud blogs and then use those blogs on your campaigns along with any other group types that SEO Neo.

How it works

When you generate a cloud blog, SEO Neo stores blog files locally. After blog generation you can easily upload the blog on preferred cloud service within SEO Neo. SEO Neo supports 12 different cloud services including Azure, Google Cloud, IBM and others.

Before using cloud blog features it is recommended to setup cloud API settings. For a quick guide on how to setup each cloud service, you can read this section of the documentation.

There are four different parts when using cloud blogs:

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