This SEO Neo feature is currently under development and its NOT available.

Wizards is a suite of powerful built-in tools designed to help users leverage the capabilities of SEO Neo in a more intuitive, step-by-step manner. When you select a Wizard, SEO Neo will guide you through each step to simplify and expedite the completion of complex tasks.

You can access Wizards list by clicking "Wizards" button from main menu.

From this screen you can select a wizard from the list on the left side. For each wizard there is a detailed description on the right side including: wizard category (Strategy or Utility), purpose and description, site age and other useful information for selected wizard.

Wizard Types

Each wizard can belong to one of two types: Strategy or Utility.

A strategy-type wizard guides the user through a step-by-step process to create a comprehensive SEO strategy by employing various SEO Neo campaign types and keyword strategies. Think of a strategy as a recipe that combines different campaigns, interlinking them to form a complex SEO strategy that would be challenging and time-consuming to construct manually.

A utility-type wizard, while similar to a strategy-type, primarily aims to simplify redundant and time-consuming SEO Neo operations rather than create complex SEO strategies. For instance, the "Cloud Content Poster" utility wizard assists users in posting to their cloud blogs. The user simply selects their cloud blog, inputs the content, adjusts any additional settings, and the wizard automatically generates a custom campaign for this task.

Wizards List

Here is a table with currently available Wizards. SEO Neo team works hard to develop and integrate new wizards on next updates.

Wizard NameTypeDescription


A complex strategy that combines authority stacking, warm up and advanced ranking techniques.


A very useful strategy to "warm up" new websites.


Power each Tier1 URL with at least 100 different Referring Domains.


A simple wizard to help you create and schedule posts on your cloud blogs.


A simple wizard to help you create and schedule posts on your Self-Hosted WordPress websites.

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