📋Account Templates

Video: Account Templates Fundamentals


An account template is a template that is used as a guideline on how SEO Neo creates new accounts.

When a new account is created (registration), SEO Neo will need information on how to register this account. This information includes:

Email details: (username, password, mail server, SSL etc.)

Account creation details: the username and password format that will be used to register the new account. This information uses spintax format to create different variations.

Account template is a templates on how accounts are created.

Account Templates Window Overview

Main sections overview to manage your Account Templates

Account Templates main screen is divided into three sections.

1) Account templates list : where all your account templates files are listed and stored. You can create, delete and rename your account templates from here.

2) Template Emails: you can manage all emails for selected account template from here.

3) Template Details: here you enter username and password for selected account template.

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