Groups relationships

SEO Neo introduces an new way of displaying diagrams. The new diagram form is more compact and its more versatile if you understand they way it works.

A group (link group) can be connected with another groups that are located below or above them. Groups below of them are called children and groups above them are called parents.

A diagram a group can have multiple children but also multiple parents.

A group with multiple children is a very straightforward idea but a group with multiple parents may be confusing at first. Below we will explain how this works.

Understanding multiple parents

A group with multiple parents is like being multiple groups. This means that if you have a groupA connected on two parents, the result is like having two groups inside group_A.

On the example below, on the left we see how diagram looks like and on the right side we see how diagram is really like under the hood.

On the example, group_4 seems like a single group, but because it has two parents, in reality its two groups (group_4a and group_4b). These two groups are completely different groups.

As a rule of thumb, if a group has N number of parents, then this group has N instances under the hood.

This may seem more complex to understand as a concept but makes a diagram much more compact (you need less groups to describe a much bigger diagram).

Sibling Groups

Sibling groups, are merged group which share the same parent. In our previous example group_4 contains group_4a and group_4b. These two groups are called sibling groups.

When creating your campaign using diagrams with sibling groups, you can enable "Hide Sibling Groups" option to make campaign creation easier. This option - when enabled - hides sibling groups and let user add details for one group while SEO Neo will use the same data for the other group.

This is a much easier and faster approach of creating a campaign that includes sibling groups.

For more information on using sibling groups read this section.

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