How to import emails

When you create an account template you can import emails that you already own or you can import emails that are included on other account templates.

Import from other template

If you already have some emails stored on other templates and you want to import them:

1) Click "Import" and select "Import from template"

2) Select the template(s) (using checkbox) where you want to import emails from. Then click "Import" to import emails from selected template(s).

Import from text file

1) Click "Import" and select "Import from file".

2) Select email format of your text file. SEO Neo will open your OS Open File dialogue from where you can navigate on your file system and select text files where you have your emails saved.

You can import emails only from text files

In order for "Import from files" to work, you need to keep your emails into text files, in the following formats:

Supported mail formats in text files

<email creation> : <server> : <port> : <username> : <password> : <1 = SSL | 2 = NO SSL>

<email creation> : <server> : <username> : <password> : <1 = SSL | 2 = NO SSL>

To better illustrate how above fields are related into email creation form see the example picture below:

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