Cloud Blogs Generator

What's Cloud Blogs Generator

Cloud Blogs Generator (as the name implies) is a powerful feature of SEO Neo that allows the user to generate and upload cloud blogs without the need to leave the software. The generator allows advance customization of the appearance, format and content of blogs.

When you have your blog generated and uploaded, you can use these cloud assets from SEO Neo campaigns to update it's content using campaigns.


To open Cloud Blogs Generator just click on "Cloud Blogs" from the main menu.

From this screen you can create/manage folders and create blogs inside folders. Managing folders and blog files is the same as managing account buckets and account templates.

On the left side you can view and manage all folders and on the right side you can see all created Cloud Blogs inside selected folder.

Using Cloud Blogs Generator

Blog Information

The first required blog information is Blog Name and Language.

Blog Name: is the name for the user to identify the blog but also the title of the blog.

Language: Currently it is only used to set the language for html code. It's only there for search engine crawlers. In the near future SEO Neo will also support translating the blog.

Blog Template

Choose a blog template that come built-in with SEO Neo. All templates support the same content but each template has different blog structure and appearance.

You can set the logo for your blog either by giving a URL of a valid image, or by uploading your own image file from your system.

To use image URL select the first option ("Add new logo from URL") from checkboxes.

To upload your own image from a file, select the second option and then click on the circle to open file dialog. After selecting your image file, you will see a preview of your logo.

Your logo image must be .jpeg, .jpg, .png or .gif type. Maximum size for file is 5 MB

Cover Image

To change blog's cover image, you can use the same options and process as changing logo. You can either user a valid image URL or upload your own image from file.

Blog Sections

You can customize what sections will be available for your blog, including menu, sitemap, footer, social links etc.

If you have Social links enabled, you will have to enter your social media URL links on each separate field.

You can set Contact and About us sections for you blog using advance built-in editors. From the editors, you can set formatted text, spin text using spinners or even translate the text.

Author Information

You can set Author information including Author name and Author bio which can be set from separate fields. You can enter spintax text to include multiple variations.

You can generate names in spintax format or get a default author bio which is also in spintax format to include multiple variations.

Generating Cloud Blog

To generate your blog, finish the setup of your blog details and click "Generate Blog" button on the bottom right. This will generate all blog files based on your setup. These files are generated and stored locally on your system.

If you make any additional changes, the "Generate Blog" button, will change into "Regenerate Blog". This will generate the blog files again.

Uploading Your Blog

After you blog generation is finished, you can click on "Upload" button on the bottom right corner to upload your blog. If a blog is not uploaded a label "Not uploaded" will be shown on your cloud blogs list as shown on the image below.

On the next section we will see how you can upload your generated blog on cloud services.

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