Campaigns Overview

If you click on "Campaigns" from main menu, you will be navigated to Campaigns Overview screen.

Creating a New Campaign

To create a new campaign:

  • Click on Campaigns from main menu

  • Click on Create Campaign button

A pop-up will appear to give a name on your campaign. Click on Create button and you will be navigated to Campaign Creation Screen.

Campaign Information

When you click on a folder you can see all campaigns within the folder along with some basic information for each campaign. Campaign information includes:

Campaign Name: the name you give on your campaigns

Data Started: date you started the campaign

Groups: the number of link groups the campaign includes

Tasks: total number of tasks (websites to post)

Scheduled: if campaign is scheduled to run on a specific date/time

Status: status of the campaign.

Campaign Status

A campaign can be in different status depending on campaign state.

Campaign status depicts the state of a campaign. A campaign can be created (idle) or can be saved incomplete (draft). After the campaign creation, a campaign can be started (started), and then either paused (paused) or run until it's finished (finished).

Keep in mind that an incomplete/draft campaign (a campaign with not all required data set) cannot start/run. You will first need to edit the campaign and complete all steps before running it.

On the table below you can find the different campaign statuses/states and what each mean.

Campaign StatusExplanation


A new campaign that has been created and saved.


A new campaign that has been saved before completely finishing all steps.

When you create a campaign, there are some creation steps and some required fields. You can exit/save the campaign before completing everything. This created a "draft" campaign. A draft campaign is incomplete and need to be fully completed before running it.


When you start a campaign and while the campaign is running, it is in "started" status.

A started campaign can be paused.


A running campaign be paused and you can continue to run the campaign later.


When all campaign tasks finish, it becomes "finished".

Organizing Campaigns Using Folders

Keeping your campaigns inside separate is a good practice. Using folders can help you manage and organize your campaigns based on your websites, clients or projects. For example you can have a folder where you keep all your campaigns for a specific client or website.

To create a new folder click on "Create Folder" button located on top left.

A new pop-up window will appear to give a name for your folder.

Every time you create a new campaign, the campaign will be saved within the folder that has been selected. In the next image for example, you can see that if you create a new campaign it will saved within the folder "client A" which is currently selected.

You can also move campaigns into other folders. You can either move a single campaign using hover button "Move to Folder".

You can also move multiple campaigns into a folder by selecting multiple campaigns and then using "Move to Folder" option from the burger button (on the top-right).

Below is a clip demonstrating how to create a new folder and moves your campaigns inside.

Import/Export Campaigns

Import/export is a convenient way to transfer selected campaigns into other installations. You can also export your campaigns in case you want to keep a backup of them.

To export: select your campaigns using checkboxes and then use the burger button on the top right. From there you will find an option to export campaigns.

To import a campaign: use the "Import" button and select any previously exported campaign.

Duplicate Campaign

Many times a user needs to create multiple campaign with minor differences or even create copies of campaigns to use them as basic templates to built a new one.

To duplicate a campaign, use "Duplicate" hover button that appears when you hover a campaign from the list.

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