4 - Settings

Settings is the last step on campaign creation. In this step you set campaign settings (settings that effect only current campaign).

There are four main sections on settings:

(1) Captcha Services

You set which captcha service you want to use for your campaign. You can select Primary and Secondary Captcha service. The Secondary Captcha service is optional and will be used whenever the first (primary) captcha service fails to solve.

(2) Threads

This settings is similar to SEO Neo global Settings. You can set the number of concurrent browsers you want the campaign to use at the same time and also set how many HTTP connection threads you want for your campaign.

Keep in mind that HTTP connections is more lightweight on resources that browsers. On some websites SEO Neo uses HTTP and on other (for example Web 2.0 Blogs) it uses browsers.

(3) Posts Drip Feed

This settings sets how you want SEO Neo to create campaign posts. You can select on of three options.

Instant Post

SEO Neo will run all tasks and start posting when you run the campaign. This is the default and its used when you want to get tasks to start and finish as soon as possible.

Posts Per Day

Using this option, you can set how many posts you want per day and SEO Neo will automatically calculate and "break-down" posts within the days.

Days to Run

Another option to drip feed your posts is to give SEO Neo "how many days to run" your campaign. It will then separate posts based on days given.

Drip feed makes your campaign posts to be evaluated as more "natural" and "organic" for search engines. This setting is an important factor when you create your SEO strategy for your campaign.

(4) Campaign Schedule

You can check "Schedule Campaign Start" checkbox option and set a specific date and time for your campaign to run.

If you want to you schedule for your campaign, don't close SEO Neo, as it will not be able to auto start your scheduled campaigns.

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