Content Bucket Tags

After using SEO Neo for some time, you might accumulate a large number of content buckets. Managing, deleting, or selecting specific buckets for your campaigns can initially seem challenging. This is where the functionality of content bucket tags becomes invaluable.

How Content Bucket Tags Work

You can create and assign different content bucket tags on yours content buckets to help you manage them more easily. For example, you could create tags based on your niche, or clients so you could find and select them easier when you create a campaign.

Creating Content Bucket Tags

To create your custom content bucket tags, click on the tag icon on content buckets window.

A new modal window will appear where you can create your own tags.

You can give your tags Name and Color to identify them easier later.

When you finish creating you tags you can close the modal window to return on content buckets window. You can also use Search or multiple select tags to manage them using burger button.

In this example we have created three different tags with different colors for each one.

Assigning Content Bucket Tags

To assign a tag on your content buckets, use the plus "+" icon. Content buckets that dont have any tag assigned will be labeled as "No Tags".

After clicking plus icon, a new modal window will appear where you can select and assign different tags for selected content bucket. To choose your tags, use the drop-down menu.

You can select more than one tag for each of your content bucket. This is very helpful, especially when you have buckets that are included in multiple niches or sub-categories.

In case you have forgot to create a specific tags, you can use the plus "+" button to create more tags, without leaving this window.

When you finish selecting your tags for your bucket, click on "Add Tags To Bucket" to assign selected tags.

You can assign up to five (5) tags for each content bucket.

In this example we have set some tags for content buckets for "real estate" and "cars" niche. We have also set an addition common tag "affiliates" for both niches (will will use this on an example later).

Using Content Bucket Tags

Now that we have assigned our tags on different content buckets, it is much easier to identify our buckets, but it is much easier to filter them.

In the example below, we use tag filter to show only "real estate" tags.

In the previous example we have selected "real estate" tags as a filter. This includes content buckets that also have another tag "affiliate". If we want to use filter with exact much results we can use the check box inside the filter field.

In this example we have selected "real estate" and "affiliates" tags and we have also enabled "exact match". This will make SEO Neo to show only content buckets that have both tags.

Using Tags on Campaign Creation

When you create your campaign, you can use tags to find or filter your selection for content buckets. This makes the whole content bucket selection much faster and easier.

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