Keywords Strategy

When you setup your campaign, you will also need to setup your keyword percentages. Keyword percentages define each keyword type that will be used on your whole campaign.

SEO Neo supports these types of keywords:

  • Primary Keywords

  • Generic Keywords

  • Branded keywords

  • Partial Match Keywords

  • Plain URL

  • Domain as Anchor

  • Text URL

On each campaign you can use (enable/disable) any keyword type you want and set each percentage value for each keyword type.

The sum of all keyword percentages should be exactly 100%. On our example above, we have enabled all seven keyword types and we have set each keyword percentage accordingly to sum 100%

Keyword typeKeyword percentage %

Primary Keywords


Generic Keywords


Branded Keywords


Partial Match keywords


Plain URL


Domain as Anchor


Text URL


Total (sum)


What is Keyword Strategy feature

Defining keyword types and keyword percentage is a crucial part of your campaign strategy. Although keyword percentage values is very important, sometimes you need to set these values fast. This is where Keyword Strategy feature comes into play.

SEO Neo comes with pre-built/pre-set keyword percentage values that cam be used on your campaigns based on your needs. To access Keyword Strategy feature, click on "Keyword Strategy" button.

A new window will open where you can define your strategy based on your website's age and your SEO workflow you will use.

Website Age: as the name suggests, you select your site age. There are three options for new website (0-12 months), middle website (12-24 months) and established website (more than 24 months) old.

Campaign Workflow: this defines at which point in time we are placed against a 12 months campaign workflow.

Example: we have a website that we run campaigns and take different actions. We are on the 5th month of our SEO campaign for this website. In this case, we would choose 5-6 value.

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