Azure - setup

Azure API Settings

Required credentials:

  • Connection string

How to obtain credentials

Login in to your Azure account.

The next step is to create a storage account. Select Storage accounts from services (you can also type on search bar "storage accounts" to find it)

From Storage accounts screen, click on "Create", to create a new storage account.

On Basics tab, you can set the basic settings for the storage account.

Project details:

Select a subscription and a Resource group. You can click on "Create new" to create a new resource and give it a name that you prefer. In the example below we used "SEONeo".

Instance details:

Give a Storage account name, and select region.

On Performance, set the first option "Standard".

On Redundancy select "Geo-redundant storage (GRS)" and check the option below "Make read access to data available in the event of regional unavailability".

Click next until you finish the setup of your storage account.

To get your credentials, from Home, open your storage (it will have the Storage account name you gave on the previous step).

From the menu select "Access keys".

From this screen you will find Connection string which is what you need for your credentials on SEO Neo.

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