Create Content Bucket

Create at least one content bucket and fill it with as much content as you can for your campaign. It is best to organize your content buckets based on niche of content, or even based on your campaign type or client name.

Let's say for example, that we wanted to create a campaign for a webpage with "car sales" niche. We would need to create a content bucket with content related to "car sales".

Our content bucket should have enough content for all content types including:

  • Articles

  • Short Descriptions

  • Bios

  • Rich Content (Images, Videos)

  • Blog Details

The more content a bucket includes the better it will perform, especially on demanding campaigns with many groups.

We will first create a content bucket with name "car sales".

Our new content bucket currently has no content inside. There is only 1 Bio entry (with default value spintax).

Then we will open and edit our content bucket to populate it with content. To edit our bucket, click on hover button "Edit".

Adding articles

Although it is better recommended to use articles from high quality sources (for example Open AI) in this tutorial will will only use free sources.

We will generate a 10 articles, using "Article Builder":

Click "Generate" > "Article Builder"

For our "car sales" campaign we want articles with relevant content, so we use the following settings:

We used SEO Neo's free built-in spinner to create some variations based on these articles.

Although Free Spinner creates decent results, it is recommended to use premium third party spinners like "Word AI".

As you can see from image below, our content bucket now has 10 articles.

We will continue our tutorial by generating content (related to cars, car sales etc) for other content types.

Adding Short Descriptions

For Short Descriptions we will follow the same process as we did with Articles. We will use Generate > Article Builder to generate some short descriptions.

Adding Bios & Blog Details

Bios section has one entry by default. We will leave this as it is. The same applies for Blog Details. SEO Neo has good default entries that can generate multiple variations for Bios and and Blog Details.

Adding Image and Video URLs

To add image and video URLs, navigate to "Rich Content" tab and click "Scrape Rich Content".

We will ask SEO Neo to scrape 20 images, using keyword "car sales":

We will repeat the same, this time for video URLs:

Our content bucket has enough content to be used on a small campaign. For bigger campaigns with more link groups, you can create bigger content buckets with additional content.

For more information on how to create a content bucket refer to this section of the documentation.

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