Create a diagram

Although you can use any included SEO Neo diagram, for this tutorial we will create a basic diagram to understand the basic concepts.

Lets create our diagram and name it "first tutorial".

Click "Diagram Editor" > Click "Create".

For diagram name type "first tutorial". and click "Create".

What we want for this tutorial is a diagram that includes a good number of rich content - high quality backlinks.

The most rich-content link group for SEO Neo (except from Cloud assets) is Web 2.0 Blogs. For every link group we will add into the diagram, SEO Neo will create blogs for sites like, Tumblr, Weebly etc.

On the left side of Diagram Editor you can see all available link group types.

For this tutorial we want to create 3 x Web 2.0 Blogs link groups. To do so, click on "Web 2.0 Blogs" and drag over the empty diagram. Repeat this 2 more times.

You can click and drag any group to move it. Click and drag all three created Web 2.0 Blog groups to align and fit them into the diagram.

Now it is time to create some connections between our link groups and money site. Connecting a group with money site means that this group will use "Money Site URLs" (user gives these URLs when creating the campaign) as links inside blog posts.

To connect a group with Moneysite or to another group, hover over any or 2 available group dots. When you hover with your mouse, you will notice that mouse cursor changes.

Then click and drag (and hold down) your mouse. As you move your mouse you will see a connection line. To create a connection with Moneysite, simple drag your mouse over Moneysite connection white dot.

Repeat the same process for the rest of the groups to create connection for all three groups with Moneysite.

Adding child groups

The diagram we have created has only 3 link groups connected to moneysite. Of course we can leave the diagram as it is, but for better SEO results, a diagram should have a more complex structure with more tiers (currently our diagram tier level is 1).

Combining different link group types, and using multiple tier levels result in a more "natural" link-building campaign, which means better SEO results.

To improve our diagram just a little bit, we will add some child groups under Web 2.0 Blogs. For this tutorial we will just add some URL Shorteners under each Web 2.0 Blogs groups.

When the campaign runs, links generated from one tier will be used into the other tier as targeted links.

Let's save the diagram

For more details on how to use Diagram Editor, refer to Diagram Editor section of this documentation.

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