Import content

If you already have content on files or in other content buckets, you can use "Import" to fetch content accordingly. There are different options for importing content depending on content type.

For Articles and Bios you can import:

For Bios, Rich Content and Blog Details you can import only from other buckets.

Import from other bucket

If you choose to import content from other bucket, you will see a form that shows all other buckets. You can select multiple buckets and import content from from them.

Keep in mind that you import only same-type content from other buckets.

Example: when you are in "Articles" section, you will import only articles from selected bucket.

Content buckets without content inside them, they will not be displayed when you use "Import from other buckets".

"Import from other buckets" form displays information about other buckets and the amount of content it has for each content type. In the example below, we see:

  • "1st bucket" has: 5 articles, 1 bio and 2 images.

  • "2nd bucket" has: 8 articles and 1 bio.

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